I cannot believe that I only wrote 4 blog posts in 2018. What was I doing with my year or where did it go?

Well, I have the answer to what I did. I had a grand master plan to take a sabbatical to focus on my crafting adventures. That came to an abrupt halt after I came back from my five-week holiday. Yes, I was living the high life trying to enjoy the start of my sabbatical. Unfortunately, for me, that was the end of my vacation as well as someone made me an offer I could not really refuse.

Within seven weeks of me leaving the last company, I was back into the rat race, with friendlier rats this time. Some of them I worked with before, and it felt like the right move. The causality of this move was my fledgeling craft business. Sometimes, I wonder if it should be considered a fledgeling business since it didn’t actually start.

Where did it go is a harder question – it has been a bit crazy on the personal front. And the craziness of work did not help. I felt torn in a few directions at different points of the year. Some turned out okay, others not so good. All part and parcel of this journey we call life, isn’t it?

Now almost one year on, I have big decisions to make. Am I able to juggle a full-time job while trying to start this business? 2018 says no. A passion is a passion – and I really really love creating.

Thus, it is back to the drawing block for 2019. Wish me luck that I will find a solution. Or if you have one, hit me up!