One Hundred and Eighty

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

2017 was not my best year when it came to crafting projects as life got in the way.

I’ve been trying to compile a list of WIPs that I have started or bought the materials to start so I can get cracking on them. At the start of each new year, EatSleepKnit launches a new Yarnathon which sends me into a tizzy planning and plotting. In one of the chat groups, there was a question to list down the fantasy goals we had for the year (and the more boring realistic goals). This was mine:

Fantasy Goals

Hue Shift Afghan KAL
All 4 ESK KALs with bonus stars and max yardage
Finish other 2 blankets I have started (First I need to find it)
Finish other patterns + yarns I bought (some since 2015)
Finish a cross stitch project for a friend (since 2015 or 2014 – I have forgotten)
Get some progress on my other cross stitch projects
An Estonian shawl
One Ring Scarf
MMario’s Peacock Shawl – which I’ve been hankering over for years
Stop adding to my que
Stop buying new materials until I finish current ones

2x Gothic Lace Cowl for bonus points
Maybe a Harvest for yardage
Finish last year’s Flax light by May for man’s birthday
Find pawprint and finish it, LONG HAUL!
Spirits of Life CAL
1 pair of Hermione socks

So… I took a long holiday in January, went back to work unexpectedly in February and have been swamped by work ever since. I also had 2 additional projects that I had to do for various reasons, which had looming deadlines.

Would you want to guess how many projects I accomplished from the above list or the status of any of them?