An Epic January

As I write this, I am half sleep no thanks to the jetlag and over 28 hours of travelling. I am also feeling really hot now that I am back near the equator. It was an epic holiday (checked Niagara Falls off the bucket list). I am still wishing I was in cold cold Canada. It was such lovely weather, agrees with me completely.

What is a crafter to do when she is on holiday? Shop for craft supplies obviously! I managed to go to:

Oh, it was so fun to squish all those yarns in real life since my LYS and craft stores don’t carry those brands. Therefore, I milked the opportunity for all it was worth and came back with a luggage full of items. I didn’t think yarn could weigh so much ☹ The fun part begins soon – what will these supplies become? A hat? A scarf? Belt? The possibilities are endless I tell you!

Unfortunately, my daily grind motor refuses to start, so I am randomly looking at possible new projects (like I don’t have enough WIPs) or just trying to clean my house after being away for about a month. I’ll be back to work soon on new items for the store and hopefully an upcoming pop up store.