Happy 2018!

Hope you had a great countdown celebration with much Champagne and revelry!

Now that the excitement has worn off, the reality of what today brings sets in. For me, it brings much possibilities and worries all at the same time. Questions such as – “What can I plan to achieve this year” to “What if I don’t make the goal again like last year” has been plaguing my thoughts for the last few weeks.

I’ve been writing lists and thinking a lot which is a double-edged sword, I swear. I’m hoping the new year brings much success and I will be planning for it. But as one grows older, you tend to worry that failure is always around the corner. I will hope that most of the goals I set out to achieve this year (half of them are still pending) will come to fruition.

One of my main goals for 2018 will be my handmade accessories store: phoenixfaire.etsy.com (check it out if you have yet to!). More products will be coming this year.

I’m also going to be collaborating with a talented crafting friend. There will be gorgeous shawls knitted by both of us – we are exploring design options now. For the more crafty inclined, keep your eyes peeled for design launches in the year ahead to try your hand at.

As I paraphrased one of my favourite new year’s quote in the image, it’s time to get started on my 2018 story!

What will your 2018 story be?